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UB Overview

UrbanBloc is a full service design and build firm that creates custom shipping container kitchens, restaurants, coffee shops and retail spaces.  We design each project to our customer’s specific equipment, feature set, and branding.


We secure a building permit through the State of California's Commercial Modular program.  Once we have a State permit in hand we build our containers in our factory and arrange to have them shipped to the site where a local builder will place and install the containers. 


Our design process is fast and efficient often taking a just a matter of weeks to secure a permit.  For food units, we work with the local health department to secure health department approvals. Once our containers reach the site, install is straightforward. 


The total time from start to finish varies by the project but is typically in the range of 4-6 months from the beginning of the design phase through install. 

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