Container Configurations


We have a variety of container configurations from single to double to stacked.  Each configuration can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of your project by adding dividing walls, HVAC systems, plumbing, kitchen equipment or internal and external branding elements (see product features).  



We have single container models from 10' up to 40' sizes that can be configured in multiple ways for retail, food or office use.  With our moveable wall panel system, the area can be divided into three, two or one large space to house multiple tenants or even a coffee shop with an ADA bathroom.  




Two containers can be combined to create a larger building with the opportunity for a variety of layouts.  In this configuration a full micro-restaurant, conference room or office suite can be easily designed.  The wall systems and modular configuration enable the units to be reconfigured in another location or for another application.





Multiple containers can be laid out, configured or even stacked to create a thriving hub of activity.  Our containers are designed to mix and match and are structurally modified to enable a second story or deck above.  The flexibility of the system enables use in oddly shaped sites or sites with challenges for other building methods.



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